Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wearing Beanies the Cool Way

So in the last couple of years, I have noticed a trend in beanie wearage. I've realized that there is a cool way and not-so-cool way to wear your beanie. The cool way is to wear your beanie slightly further back on your head, exposing your hairline.

The cool way looks something like this:

The not-so-cool way looks like this:

I have been sporting my beanies in the not-so-cool way for years. It's comfy and warm over my ears. But I don't want to be the uncool, beanie girl. I want to wear cool, slouchy beanies, half off my head! The problem lies in how people with small heads (me) can wear their beanies the cool way (pushed farther back on our heads), without the damn thing falling off. Let me tell you, I have tried to wear them in this slouchy, cool way and it doesn't work. My small head doesn't cover enough area for the hat to hold on to; and thus, falls. off. every. time. See exhibit A, B and C below.

Exhibit A: the "cool" way
Exhibit B: falling off my tiny head...
Exhibit C: gone.

So what do you think? Have you too noticed this pushed back and slouchy beanie trend? Do you rock it? Can you rock it? I'm just going to start buying in youth....

Top photos, left to right, top to bottom, via here, here, here and here.


  1. I share your tiny head predicament. It's a tough life!

  2. Well, you could try doing a few bobby pins, but that might defeat the purpose of the "cool" beanie since its supposed to look all effortless. I can't pull off the cool beanie either and I have a medium sized head.

  3. I'm in the same boat! My miniature head makes sunglasses and beanies impossible to wear...FML

  4. Have you girls ever thought that maybe the problem is not that you have small heads, but instead you can not wear beanies the cool way b/c you are not cool?

  5. nah, it must be the small head thing