Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Jacket of My Dreams

I know, I know. I haven't been on here for weeks. And now, here I am, preaching about the jacket I cannot live without. It's pathetic. It' annoying. It's the most perfect jacket I have ever seen!

Last Fall, it was all about two toned leather. Canvas bodice and leather sleeves. This season, it's all about plaid, plaid and more plaid. Thank god for that. Plaid might be my favorite, ever. If you counted all of my plaid button-downs, you might be sick. But cereal, Madewell has stolen my heart with this perfection that is called the All-Weather Plaid Coat. I want it. Now someone buy it for me. 

P.S. How good is this plaid?? And this plaid? Mommy want.


  1. Wow!! What a beautiful jacket it is!! It's the most perfect jacket I have ever seen! Lovely and suitable fashion trends at fall. I usually use the leather jacket with jeans and boots that make me warm in fall. Your outfits are really really appreciable. Thanks...