Monday, November 5, 2012

Frisco Peninsula

Winter is here in the high country. Ski resorts are open/opening and all of the peaks in the county are now snow capped. I would like to reflect of a time when snow didn't cover the ground and down jackets were not yet needed. I'm talking about last week.

Early last week was glorious in the high country. Temps were in the upper 50s and the sun shone warm and bright. I decided to take advantage of the last of this warm weather with my favorite trail run at Summit County's best kept secret, The Frisco Peninsula, aka, Cancun, Summit County.

The Frisco Peninsula is awesome. The trail runs alongside Dillon Reservoir and it truly feels like you are running next to the ocean. There are several, small beaches next to the trail that, in the summer, are perfect for picnics and sunbathing. The trail is about 2 miles one direction that becomes the perfect 4-miler when you turn around and run back. It's also awesome because it's great for black labs named Ziggy who love to swim and can hypothetically swim alongside you the entire duration of the run.

View towards the end of the trail

Beach at the beginning of the trail. Ziggy playing with his friend Tiger.

To get there from Breck: Take Highway 9 North toward Frisco. Once you pass Swan Mountain Road, continue north for 1/2 a mile and turn right at the unmarked, dirt, trailhead turnoff Dicky Day Use Area. If you pass the Frisco Adventure Park, you have gone too far.

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