Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Egg Drop Party

A few weeks ago, the roomie and I spontaneously hosted an egg drop competition! I hadn't participated in one since probably 3rd grade and let's just say my egg dropping skills have matured over the years.

Danielle's boyfriend (who won the Michigan State Egg Drop Champion in 5th grade...seriously), surprised us with the supplies during a mini dinner party, and we decided to go for it.

The materials for the egg drop included:

-10 popsicle sticks
-10 straws
-10 rubber bands
-5 feet of masking tape
-5 feet of string
-1 piece of paper

We had 20 minutes to use the materials however we wanted to protect our egg from breaking once we threw it off our roof.

The egg drop was a total blast! I highly recommend having one at your house! Just make sure you have supplies to clean up. No one likes scrambled egg sidewalk.

P.S. My egg was the only one that didn't break...even though I may or may not have used 10 extra feet of tape....

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