Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Grandma Cole's Vans

Vans. Please notice the tear Grandma Cole purposefully placed in order to get them on easier. Smart and sporty.

Let us talk about mode. Not apple pie a-la-mode (although that's close). Let's talk about my Grandma Cole's mode. {Mode means fashion in French, for all of you who have never read my Blogger Profile}. Let us discuss Grandma Cole's Vans.

It was a Saturday night. My family and I were taking my Grandma Cole out for a nice dinner. We drove to her house, walked in her door and found her waiting patiently for us to pick her up. She looked lovely (in a grandma kind of way) wearing striped blue pants, a comfortable pullover and her new Vans. Yes, I'm talking about the skate shoe Vans that little hoodrats all over the country sport daily.

When I saw wearing Vans, I felt a mixture of emotions. First, confusion. Did she know what Vans are? Did she buy them on purpose? Where did she get them? What is this world coming to?! After my confused state, I felt acceptance. Okay, my grandma is wearing Vans. They must be comfortable? Maybe a friend gave them to her? Maybe they were on sale somewhere which is why has them? Finally, after the acceptance, I felt admiration. My Grandma is cool. My Grandma is sporty. Damn my Gma is a gangsta...

Grandma Cole sporting her Vans at her house. My grandma is cooler than your grandma.

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