Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Link Love

Cheers to the weekend! Winter has arrived in Breckenridge. The resort opened today and I'm super excited for this season because I'm going to start skiing again! Gone are my days of hoodrat snowboarding, I'm going to be a little ski bunny once more (like Mary Swanson). I can't wait! Here is my link love for you from the week. Enjoy! xx

Chic mom jeans?

I am craving an oversized, menswear inspired coat, like this one!

The most-liked photograph of all time.

Mitt Romney Style (thanks Mandi!).

A pretty hairstyle.

A thoughtful idea for Thanksgiving place cards.

Forget coffee time. A new morning ritual.

I will try this bed frame DIY!

A yummy treat, get in my belly.

P.S. I was wrong! Cool gals wearing their beanies pulled down!

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