Sunday, July 28, 2013


Do you ever just have those weekends you don't want to end? I do. It's called every weekend. This weekend was particularly nice and relaxing though. It started with takeout and a movie on Friday night. The takeout was Crystal Mountain Cantina (try it, it's good!) and the movie was Guilt Trip which made me both laugh and cry (did it have this affect on anyone else?). Saturday morning, my new friend Autumn drove over to my house and we hiked the Inteman Trail to Section 16 and my booty is still sore. After I got home from my hike, the bf surprised me by driving down to Manitou Springs. This made me so happy because a) I love surprises and b) I didn't have to drive anywhere! Because the bf was hangry (angry because you're hungry) we went straight to grab some lunch. We tried La Coquette Creperie in downtown Manitou Springs and it was delicious. It is a completely gluten free restaurant, and for those of you who aren't gluten free, nor want to be (like me), you couldn't even tell. Everything was fresh and all the "breads" tasted normal and fanstatic. Thumbs wayyy up to this restaurant. After eating lunch, we walked around Manitou for a bit until it started raining, then we went home. About 4 hours later, we found ourselves hungry again, and because the bf made the trip down, he got to pick dinner. Little did I know he would pick the chain restaurant, Texas Roadhouse, but he did, so we went, we ate tons of beef, the end. The next morning, we were hungry again (have you picked up on this weekend's theme yet...), so we drive to Mountains Shadows restaurant for some delicious eggs and green chili. If you are a green chili fan, I will throw this out there that Mountain Shadow's has the best green chili I have eve had. Period. After breakfast, we needed a rest, so we went home and played with the pups. Then the bf had to go back to Denver which made me sad, so I went shopping and bought new shoes, and tht made me feel better.

In other news, starting tomorrow, this little guy has new blog posts lined up all.week.long. You are so excited you just peed your pants? It's okay, I won't tell. See you tomorrow!

A Weekend in Salida

Salida IS my new favorite. Fo real, it's the jam. Have you ever been? It's the quaintest, most charming little river town in all of Colorado. I'll even go as far as saying, at the risk of sounding trite, I will have a third fourth home there one day. I can see it now. A charming farmhouse, along the edge of the Arkansas river, just outside of Salida, Colorado. You can totally visit if you want.

Seriously though, we stayed in Salida for my madre's birthday and had the best time. I loved the weather, the people, the river, the landscape, the food and the vibe.

We started our adventure on Saturday rafting Brown's Canyon. We took a guided tour and really enjoyed the small and "friendly" rapids along with our knowledgeable guide. After rafting, we drove down to Salida where we stayed at the cutest Days Inn motel I have ever seen, seriously, I was impressed. We showered, changed and headed downtown for some food and fun. We ate at the Boatyard Cantina and loved it! We sat at a table next to the river and enjoyed delicious food and great service. After dinner, we surprised my mom with her (our) favorite cake and champagne in the park. She was completely surprised and it really made her night. Sunday, we drove back downtown for breakfast. We ate at a River's Edge and enjoyed it even more than our dinner the night before. The ambiance of this restaurant was even better and we had the most delicious breakfast, not to mention their "juicy pour" mimosas were only $3! After breakfast, we walked by the river and let Zig swim for a while, then shopped all the boutiques. One thing that is on my agenda for next time is to float the Arkansas via intertube. Floating is apparently what all the locals do, and if there's one thing I love to be, it's local!

Overall, our weekend was fabulous and I don't know if our destination could have been any more perfect. Next weekend you want to get away, check out Salida (and make sure to call me because I'll want to go too).

Monday, July 22, 2013

Kate Spade 'Padme Wedge' Perfection

I'm obsessed. Kate Spade has done it again. Have you seen her new Padme Wedges? Perfection. They look like the kind of shoes that I could a) wear to work and be a badass, business biatch, and b) wear to happy hour and throw a couple back without getting all wobbly like on other pumps.  I love their thick heel that keeps them stable. I love their wide wedge that makes 'em comfy. I love that they look like these Celines, but for like, 1/5 the price. I love them in white and I looooooove them silver. Stable, classy, profesh and sexy. Mommy like.

The only thing I don't like? The $328 price tag. Whyyyyyy???

Have you seen any Kate Spade Padme Wedge looks for less? Do you love them like I do? 

P.S. Since we're on the topic of things I want, this self proclaimed selfie lover needs this Celfie tee by Sincerely Jules stat. Gimme.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Pikes Peak

Hiking 14ers are a right of passage here in Colorado. If you haven't been to the top of one, don't admit it or you're that guy. Seriously, it's slightly ridiculous how obsessed my state is with mountains higher that 14,000 feet. And for what? A hike that you have to start at 4am so you summit before the weather turns? A hike that is often 50% switchbacks, back and forth, back and forth? A hike with only rocks and dirt to stare down at because it's above tree line? 

Alright, alright. They're not as bad as I'm making them sound. 14ers may in fact give you an incredible sense of accomplishment when you get to the top. A high that is only attainable when you're 14,000 feet high. But- I'll take a 10-miler, below tree line, among the wildflowers, next to a babbling brook any day.

I digress. A couple of weekends ago, the topic of 14ers came up and the truth came out. The bf had never hiked one. The bf had never been to one. "Whaaaaat?! And you've lived in Colorado for how long?" But, being the smart chick that I am, I quickly came up with a solution. "Pikes Peak!" I shouted. "We can drive there! Now!" So we did. And it was fun. And gorgeous. And no one found out the bf's secret. Until now. Whoops.

Welcome to Pikes Peak. And I shall formally introduce you to my new love, Pearl the Subaru. Isn't she a beauty?
It was hard work getting up to the summit, but someone's gotta do it.
Smoggy and grey from the fires.
Then we got high. Real high. 14,000 foot high. And Wes broke his cherry.


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

4th of July, Blueberry Pie

Wait, what? I missed it? The 4th of July was last week? Damn shit.

Just in case you didn't get your fill of the good 'ol red, white and blue, I have just the ticket for you. Pie. Fresh, beautiful, blueberry pie. It doesn't get more patriotic than that.

The crust is my standard recipe. Its flakey and buttery crust and never fails. Make it sans food processor, you won't regret it. The star of this dessert is obvi the blueberries. This recipe keeps it simple with just a sprinkling of sugar, a few pads of butta and perhaps a dash of nutmeg (per the Pioneer Woman's suggestion). The results are fresh, sweet and natural. Try not to eat the whole thing, I dare you.

4th of July, Blueberry Pie (adopted from the Pioneer Woman)
makes 1 pie


2 pie crusts (use the recipe from this pie)
3 pints of fresh blueberries
1-2 tbsp sugar
dash nutmeg
3 tbsp flour
1 stick butter, sliced into pads


Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Roll our your pie crusts.

In a large bowl, add all the blueberries. Coat the blueberries in the sugar. Mix in the nutmeg and flour (the flour makes the filling thicker, for a juicier pie, leave it out).

Pour the blueberry mixture into the pie crust and cover with the second crust. Pinch the sides closed and cut a few slits into the top of the crust. Bake for 25-40 minutes or until the crust is golden.

Eat warm with ice cream, preferably while watching fireworks.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Business Profesh

So I've been in my new job now for almost two months now, and I think I have exhausted all my clothing options. I wear variations of the exact same, business profeshional outfit every day. Black pencil skirt, colored top. Grey pencil skirt, colored top. Black pants, colored top. BORING. Dressing up for work was fun for like the first five minutes, but now I'm over it.

However, in the spirit of keeping things positive, lets discuss this boring, yet thrifty and thrifted outfit. Yes.

Mom bought me the skirt at the Banana Republic Factory store for $20 and it just doesn't quit. It goes with everything, as a black pencil skirt should, and stretches and bends with every pizza lunch I consume. I bought the top from J. Crew on sale for $12 bucks and I really, weally love it. Its stripes make me feel like the naughty little sailer I am, and the orange and blue colors make me feel like a Broncos cheerleader. It's basically perfect. Now let's talk heels, or should I say wedges. I bought these little babies at the thrift store last summer for $1.50. Ya, you heard it right. $1.50! They are Seychelles brand, comfy and go with e-v-e-r-y boring, business profesh outfit I own. Score.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Backpacking Mohawk Lakes

Oh hey guys. You thought I forgot about you. No, never...

Hiking is fun. Camping is fun. Backpacking is fun. Backpacking three miles up steep, rocky terrain only to have to turn around due to snow, snow and more snow is not fun.

A couple of weekends ago, one Saturday in early June, the bf and I decided to backpack up to Mohawk Lakes. Mohawk Lakes (or Mohawk Highway as I like to call it) is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful and rewarding hikes in Summit County. The seven mile, round trip trail is steep and rocky going up, making the lakes at the top of the hike even more beautiful and rewarding. On this hike you see gorgeous views of Summit County, mining ruins, streams, waterfalls, wildflowers and four different lakes. It is truly one of the best hikes in Summit County. However, due to it's beauty and easy accessibility, this hike is also one of the busiest trails in the county. (Get it? Mohawk Highway? Clever, I know).

Because the bf and I know how busy this trail becomes as soon as July hits, we decided to be smart and beat the crowds by backpacking to the lakes in June. How right we were. We practically had the whole trail to ourselves. Our smugness wore off quickly though as soon as we reached the top, and discovered why most people wait to hike Mohawk Highway until later in the summer...snow. A lot of snow. Snow up to our shins. We were not appropriately packed. So we succumbed to hiking back down. It wasn't at all a waste though. We pitched our tent at Mayflower Lake, on a dry and mossy patch, with complete and satisfying privacy. Winning.
Starting the hike off with happy faces and high hopes.
No snow, just lush and green at the bottom, by an old mining ruin.
The Continental Falls were raging due to the snowmelt.
So we took a picture next to it. Obvi.
When we reached the first of Mohawk Lakes: Lower Mohawk, we were happy!
When we realized how much snow there was, we were sad.
So we started hiking back down.
And saw some b-e-a-u-tiful wildflowers on the way.
We set up camp at Mayflower Lake, about a mile from the trailhead. I gathered kindling while Wes chopped wood.
After we finished setting up camp, we went fishing.

And by we went fishing, I mean Wes fished while I drank wine. Camping is fun.
Then he caught one, so I took a picture like the good girlfriend that I am,
Fire under the stars. Backpacking up and then back down is the best.