Tuesday, November 27, 2012


The holidays are about spending time together with those you love. They are about sharing good food and great conversation. I believe setting the right ambiance absolutely sets the mood for an occasion; thus, I took it upon myself to set our Thanksgiving table.

As a gal on a budget, I wanted to make my own table setting pieces rather than purchase them. I think, in total, I spent about $30 creating our rustic Thanksgiving table. Several easy DIY details are what really pulled the look all together. It was definitely worth the cost and I can reuse most of the pieces I invested in.

Start with a white tablecloth (please excuse the folding chairs, a ghetto fabulous detail).
Add a piece of burlap (I bought mine at Walmart for $8). I foresee so many more uses...
Use a centerpiece with CANDLES! They really set the mood. I made this one using cardboard, leaves and candles, all things I had at home already. I bought the pumpkins on sale at Safeway for a quarter each!
Use place cards! A fun detail that when placed appropriately can really fuel conversation. 
I found all the pinecones outside, fo frwee. DIY tutorial here.
The {paper} napkins add a pop of color to the table. $4 at Safeway. 

Although I know my table setting is not as beautiful as the ones you see in magazines or other  blogs,  I was pleased with the results. It added an element to our Thanksgiving holiday that made it memorable. Ideas for our Christmas table setting are flowing like wine now. Stay tuned.

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