Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Elaine Boots

Recently, I stole a pair of boots from my mom. They are from 1996. I know, I was 9 years old when she bought them at Payless (which IS a cool shoe store). Wes refers to them as my Elaine boots. Danielle calls them my Monica Geller boots. Officially the style is called the Chelsea boots, but I refer to them my 90's awesomeness.

Anyway, the 90's are cool again and these boots have come back into style in a major way. I have seen similar boots all over the interweb (like here and here and here) and they are more versatile than I ever thought they could be, looking sexylicious with jeans, skirts and pants alike. With the Celine version (that the super styley Rumi Neely wears) sold out and and costing more than my paycheck affords anyway, I would like to say one more time, thanks Mom. Thanks for always being one step ahead of the style game, thanks for letting me steal steal your stuff (fo free) and thanks for the Elaine boots that I may now call vintage. You're the best.

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