Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Hairsday

This past weekend was full of health, happiness and hair. What can I say, I am a girly girl who loves locks (and is also extremely athletic, smart and well-rounded....)

The hair-tastic weekend started with a willing young lady {Mandi} allowing me to practice my waterfall braiding skills on her lusciously thick and long hair. It ended with an innocent and eager little blond {Danimal} receiving a lesson on creating sexylicious Victoria Secret waves. I was happy because I got to practice my hair craft and demonstrate my ability. Because I'm no movie star, I'm attaching a link for each tutorial. Maybe one day you shall see me perform live....

Waterfall Braid:

{Waterfall Braid Tutorial here}

{Victoria's Secret Waves Tutorial here}

***My biggest tips:
1.) Always curl away from your face! It makes your hair look thicker.
2.) If you have fine hair (like myself and Danimal the model), start with medium heat, not hot. You can always add more curl, but you can't take it away (and no one wants to look like Shirly Temple) .

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