Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiking: Section 16

Well, I've been officially living in Manitou Springs for the last five days, and out of those five days, I have hiked Section 16 three times. Obsessed? Probably, but you know me, once I find a hike I like, I just can't quit. #CantStopWontStop.

My new favorite hike is a portion of the Palmer Trail called Section 16. I love this trail because it is a) extremely convenient for me to hike to, as the trailhead is less than 3/4 miles from my house; b) lengthy enough that I can justify my burned calories with a donut--or three; and c) steep enough that I actually lose my breath and feel sweaty and gloriously detoxified by the top. The only thing this hike is missing is a water feature for my pup, but if you're okay with making do with a stream, this hike might become you're new obsession too.

Start the hike at the Intenmann Trailhead. You will cross a bridge to begin your adventure.
Enjoy breathtaking views of the Colorado Jungle, where the creek flows like wine into a waterfall
Puppies enjoy cooling baths in the creek. *Note this is the only water on the whole hike, so hydrate those pups.
Take a picture with your bf. You won't regret it! But he might...
After hiking approx. three miles, you will reach the top of Section 16. Breathtaking!
Hike it with your cousin and mom. It's always a good idea.
Or just hike it with your mom. Best duo fas sho.

***My hiking route: From my house, walk approximately .5 miles to the Intemann trailhead at the end of Crystal Park Road. At this trailhead, you will cross over a stream on a bridge, leading you to the beginning of Intemann Trail. Hike approximately 1.75 miles to where the Intemann Trail and Palmer Trail intersect. Turn right at this intersection and the trail will begin to incline gradually for the next .8 miles, with the last .2 miles being extremely steep and awesome. From the intersection to the top is called Section 16, the most badass, booty-blasting hike in all of C-Springs. Enjoy the views from the top, turn around and hike your booty back to my house for a well-deserved cocktail and donut. Duh.

P.S. Another good recap of Section 16

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Link Love

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! I hope everyone has some fun plans to kick off this summer! I will be moving down to Colorado Springs for my new job! That's right, new job. That's why life has been so crazy lately. My first day will be Tuesday, and before then I must pack and unpack my life and find a car. Only three days to do it. Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! Enjoy these (few) fun links from the week. xx

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These parenting styles made me lol.

Most popular baby names by state (I am going on the record to say that the most popular girls names are a result of this Friends episode. Agree?

Cannes red carpets are the best.

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: Black Halter Wrap Dress

Say you bought a dress your junior year of high school that you still have today. Say you bought that dress at Wet Seal, because Wet Seal was the jam back then. Say said dress was on clearance and it became yours for a thrifty $10. Say you have worn that dress every summer since then (that's ten summers). Say this whole scenario is actually me and my life. Say hello to my little $10, ten-year-old, black halter/wrap dress from Wet Seal. Boom. (Did you know it was me the whole time. Of course you did, because you're smart).

Making a $10, classy Wet Seal dress last ten years is all about buying in classic colors and shapes. Black will never go out of style, and this halter/wrap shape has been in fashion for 50 years, since Marilyn Monroe's days. Although the material (cotton) of this dress isn't the most luxurious, with some TLC, it has lasted far longer than I ever thought. The day I have to put this dress down will be the death of me.

Dress: Wet Seal, old (similar, mountain girl version!)
Shoes: Bass Outlet, old (similar)
Necklace: Borrowed from Mandi!
Bracelt: KJP 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Birthday Party

Last weekend, I attended Fanci.Mandi's birthday party. There was grilling, margs, Coronas, cupcakes and fun. In fact, there was so much fun, I almost didn't make it. Check out all the birthday party fun.

The party stared off classy with cute pictures and kind words: "OMG, you look so cute!"
The boys obviously only hung out with the boys, because they are gross.
And the girls only hung out with the girls, because 26 years old is the new 8 years old.
Things got kinky when I started looking at Mandi's sexy back.
The kinkiness continued as we drank our margs (notice Bonnie's excellent posture).
More and more kinkiness. Plus lots of eating and lotsss of drinking.
Then, came the party hat. Obviously meant for the birthday girl.
A photo of me and the bf, just to keep it classy.
Casey started to get upset because he is moving and will be leaving us. He cried ever so gently on my shoulder after this pic. I comforted him.

Doesn't Mandi look smoking hot in the pic on the right? Damn Gina.

We ate dark chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. They tasted better than they looked.
Isn't she lovely. Isn't she wonderful.
Things got a little hairy at the end of the night...
So it was a good thing Stephanie is such a good dancer.
The evening ended with a flexible foursome. It got too kinky to post after that.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Mud Season Pick-Me-Up

To say the least, Spring in the Colorado Rockies isn't the prettiest. It's usually cool, grey, snowy and muddy until June. Us Mountain'ers call this time of year, Mud Season, because it's, well, muddy. Mud Season is especially hard for moi because I am a jealous person, and jealous people don't like to see other people enjoying things they don't have, like sunshine, tans, patio time or sundresses. Jealous people like all people to suffer they way they I do in Mud Season. It's a sad and vicious cycle, this jealousy thing...

In order to brighten up the dreary, Mud Season weather though, I resorted to cheetah. Cheetah makes everything better, right? And just in case it doesn't, a neon yellow top certainly does. I got a lot of compliments from the women who saw me in this outfit. The men though, I'm not sure they understood it as much...

Top: Target, old (similar patterned version!)
Pants: J. Crew Factory, sold out (jean version)
Trench: Old Navy, old (similar)
Flip Flops: J. Crew
Earrings: Silpada

Monday, May 20, 2013


Life has been cray lately. Sorry for my lack of posting. You know what makes things better though? Puppies. Even better? Puppies doing funny things. Enjoy and be back tomorrow.

My name is Missy. I am a hoarder. I have been a hoarder for 2 1/2 years. If Mom had not moved the couch, I would still be hoarding.
What Ziggy thinks every time we leave the house.
What I look like on the stripper pole too.

P.S. My cutest puppy Ziggy

All images via Pinterest

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Vintage Frye Boots

Happy Thrifted Thursday! Have you found any cool thrift finds lately? Today is all about my Vintage Frye boots. I bought these babies last year at Vintage Sweet and Chic. They are from 1964 and belonged to the owner's mother-in-law. Although they weren't the most affordable used item I have ever bought (I'm not even going to tell you what I paid for them), I got a deal. They were in perfect condition and the most similar version I found retails for $350! Let's just say I got them for less than that :)

I love these Frye boots because they go with everything. They are a perfect shade of worn-in camel and the braided detail on them makes them the most unique pair of Frye's I have ever seen. I paired them here with a simple black dress and my demin jacket that just never quits. I like this look because it makes me feel like the real cowgirl I am at heart. Oh, you didn't know that I am a cowgirl? Obvi, because I love country music and I think horses are cute. Authentic cowgirl fa sho.

Look, I'm running, just like Sarah Vickers!
Dress: Banana Republic, old (love this sleeveless version!)
Jean Jacket: Gap, old (similar)
Boots: Vintage Frye (similar)
Photos by AminalC