Friday, September 19, 2014


So now that I've chopped my hair and everyone knows it, nostalgia is kicking in. Nostalgia for when it was long, lush and looked like the hair of a Victoria's Secret model. Wait, that has never been, but one can pretend.

I digress. This OOTD is old, September 2013 old. But now that I'm blogging again, my content is old too. (Bear with my while I stock up inspiration.) In the meantime, enjoy this old outfit that I wore it to brunch with the boo. It reminds me of something Hannah Horvath from Girls would wear to brunch with her boo, Adam. Although I would rather compare myself to the tight and fit, Marni, or the ethereal and free spirited Jessa; instead, I focus my fashion inspo on the frumpy and childlike style of Hannah. Don't hate, appreciate.

Top: Target, old. Similar, different color
Skirt: Target, old. Cute version
Shoes: G.H. Bass
Glasses: Ray Ban

P.S. Shoshana Shapiro is the BEST character on Girls.

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  1. Your focus on fashion inspo on the frumpy and childlike style of Hannah are thinking and a good plan. I'm agree with you that old is gold. I have checked out the shirt and mini skirts price and found it less or cheap than others BUT the design and the color are not bad, It's amazing and affordable. Everybody should prefer. Really appreciable.