Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday Link Love

Happy weekend! I'm headed to Moab with the boyfriend and the rents for a weekend of hiking, biking, eating and being merry. It's supposed to be 70 degrees, so I am excited to wear shorts and dresses and maybe even get a tan. I hope you all have a sweet weekend too. Here are some fun links from the web. xx

Bros seeking bro roomate on Craigslist.

Reason Why I Will Never be Rumi Neely. Made me lol (and I agree!).

15 quirky holidays in November (not looking forward to Nov. 15th).

An insightful post about wearing trend.

Front Door Artwork. Such a great idea.

This Keil James Patrick bracelet.

Cool girl casual. A perfect look for Breck.

A funny tumblr that made me laugh out loud.

This sweet dress for a holiday work party? Or this festive one? It's never too early to start looking...

Math = pain. I knew it!

A unique and affordable website to buy art!

P.S. My friend Mark has started making super cool t-shirts called BURLY T'S. $20 for a shirt. If you are interested in ordering one, comment on this post and I can give you his info.

photo via retronaut

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