Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Yellow Assspens & Mt. Royal

Summer was fun. It's over for now and I'll miss it. Now though, let's talk about Fall. I love Fall, I love changing leaves, cooler temps, fall fashion and a little thing called asssssspens.

This past weekend I wanted to lounge in bed take advantage of the changing aspens, so I decided to hike to Rainbow Lake with my dog and brother's dog. This easy two-miler turned out to be a half-miler, too easy and too short for this little guy. So I continued down another trail, though the beeeeautiful, yellow aspens, where I made my dogs pose for a picture, obviously.

Stella and Ziggy. Welcoming you to Fall!
Through the aspen alleys we went, probably a mile. Then the trail started to climb. I got sort of tired, but tired in a good way, so I kept going. Then the trail got really steep and this made me grouchy, but I kept on going because Penman's are no quitters. At one point, another hiker passed and I asked what trail I was on. The hiker told me we were on the Mt. Royal trail and I was about halfway up.

I continued hiking on the steep trail, watching my dogs sprint effortlessly up and down the trail in front of me (showoffs). I definitely felt the burn in the booty, but it was okay because I HAD to stop to take pictures of the beautiful views. 

Zig + beautiful view.
Finally, after another mile-ish of steep hiking, when I thought I could take no more, it was over. I reached the top! Glorious! I could see I-70, Buffalo Mountain and gorgeous, yellow, dancing aspens in the wind. The hike was hard and I was sweaty, but it was definitely worth it!

Overall, the hike took me about two-and-a-half hours, including several stops to let the dogs swim and take pictures. It was about a four mile hike from where I started. I think without all the breaks I could have finished in an hour-and-a-half. Although Mt. Royal wasn't my intended hike, I am very glad I happened upon it. It became my new favorite, booty-blasting hike! 


  1. Did your brother's doggy take the last pic? He is talented!

    1. Stella the dog took the last pic. She is quite talented. I'm sure she will win the AKC best in show this ear for her photography.

  2. ^^^ what a smart ass :)

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