Monday, October 8, 2012

The Bass Outlet is Cool

Oh hey super cute, suede, tassled booties. You're only $55? Really? You will be mine.

In the land of Breckenridge (where I live), there are several cute boutique shops where I like to frequent and drain my bank account window shop. I love these boutiques very much, but when it comes to shoes, most of them don't have the selection or price I want.

In need of some new shoes, I decided to venture down to Silverthorne, where you can find Summit County's other (more affordable) shopping choice, the outlet mall. I decided to check out my mom's favorite shoe store in the county (the only shoe store in the county), the Bass Outlet. Upon entering, I was a bit weary, I mean isn't that a mom shoe store, the Cold Water Creek of shoes if you will? However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Bass outlet was awesome. I truly loved more than half of the women's shoes in the store like these, these and these for next summer! I also love that Bass shoes are comfortable. Although I love me some cute high heels, they're jus not practical in the mountains. Now let's talk about the prices. This girl loves a good sale and the Bass Outlet was having their 80% off, end-of-summer sale, meow!

I ended up spending just under $115 and walking out of the store with 4 new, cute and comfortable pairs of shoes in hand. They're definitely going to be fall staples of mine, and I can't wait to let my inner-mom feet shine. 

Weejuns! So hot right now. On sale for $20. To some, a mom shoe. To me, a sexy loafer.
Oh Bass heels, so comfy and cute. Only $15. I'm gonna wear you with socks. It will be cool.
$12 sandals of my dreams. Also majorly sexy, obviously.

If any of you were in doubt, the Bass Outlet is cool. Go there, now. Find the mom shoes of your dreams.

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  1. If it's cool, prove it and take me there. MEOW.