Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Red Wine

Red red wine, you make me feel so fine

Back when I was living in Denver, I went to this amazing United Way fundraiser called Uncorked. To participate, you got in teams of three and each team brought 3 bottles of the theme wine (the year I went it was Cabernet Sauvignon). One bottle was uncorked and tasted among the participants. The other 2 bottles were set aside to be given to the winner. Then, everyone at the fundraiser tasted all the bottles and voted on their favorite. The winner took home all the extra bottles. Oh ya. So. much. fun.

The roomie and I jointly decided to throw the same type of party. We decided on a theme of "Red blends" with a $15 limit. We asked friends to pair up in teams of two and bring 2 bottles of their choice red blend. We set aside 1 of the bottles for the winners and tasted the other bottle. In order to make the tasting fair, we covered the tasting bottles in brown paper bags and numbered them. Everyone received pen/paper to take notes and record their favorite three bottles in order. At the end of the evening, we tallied the favorites and gave the top three winners all the bottles (1st won 6 bottles; 2nd won 4 bottles; 3rd won 2 bottles).

It was such a blast. We prepared all kinds of appetizers, took intelligent wine notes and drank until our lips were red. Nom nom nom.

Numbered wine. Apps. Pinot noir choco cake. Steve. Yes.

So. Much. Food
Table setting on zee deck
Caity: "A robust, young wine with a spicy and bold finish." 
Steve: "Tastes earthy, of sticky feet and old sweat."

Thank you so much to everyone who attended. It was a blast and success. I recommend a wine tasting party to anyone who loves a good buzz fun, friends and wine lips. Yum.

p.s. My best friend's team WON the entire Uncorked event this year. Bamf. Check out her winnings here.

p.p.s. How I feel when I drink red red wine

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  1. YESS!!! I wanted to do a smaller version in Denver too. So So fun. Especially when you wine, I mean win :) Nerd alert.