Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Snow Boots That Don't Look Like Snow Boots

Living in Colorado, one must consider the 3 W's when buying boots: Warm, (all) Weather and Waterproof. Following this 3 W's rule will ensure warm and dry feet during wet and cold conditions. Unfortunately, this rule often times limits your choices to ugly practical boots that you change out of as soon as you reach your car. Below, I have compiled a list of cute snow boots that (in my opinion) don't look like snow boots. (I think I'll be purchasing the Born Shyras for this winter). Check em.

Snow Boots
From the top, left to right: ClarksSofftBornPajarFryeBorn (these will be mine), Clarks, Born

Think they're cute? Good. You know of other cute snow boots that don't look like snow boots? Tell me. I want them.

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  1. The way you felt about bass, is basically how I've always felt about Clark's. But, I think I'm sold on a pair (or two). Love the blog btdubs