Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mountain Chic or City Bum?

Living in a mountain town can be hard. Yes, it's gorgeous. Yes, there's tons to do. Yes, the people are young and friendly. However, it's hard to be the hip and stylish gal that I am, in a town where 90% of the chicks are happy wearing leggings and an oversized flannel. Seriously! If I wear a skirt and blouse, people constantly ask me why I'm so dressed up; I stand out like a sore thumb in my 2" booties; and forget about heels, that's just crazy talk.

So today I give you....leggings and a flannel! You like?

such an original outfit...
Close up of my j crew flannel, and my boobs (IBTC). 
Subliminal message: you see my feet, you drink from keg
Why am I wearing this?
Flannel: J Crew
Leggings: Target
Sweater: Target (old, similar here & here!) 
Flats: Target

I wore this outfit last week to run some errands around town. I call this look mountain, comfy, casual chic. But is it really a cute outfit? I certainly go compliments on it. I felt cute in it. I fit in with all the other Breck snow bunnies. But, if I wore it in the city, would it be as cute? Is it mountain chic or just city bum? You tell me....

Photos taken by Danimalc.

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  1. I think it is definitely mountain chic and I would wear it in Denver too but I would never ever EVER wear it in Dallas. Helpful?