Thursday, October 11, 2012

Audio Books are Cool

For my job up here in the Breckenhood, I have to drive a lot. I probably spend at least 10 hours a week in my whip. I drive so much that my badass company gives me an badass truck to drive. Holla.

My sick whip.
When I'm in my whip I do lots of cool things like phone-talking, music-jamming, work-thinking and ghost-whipping. Although these things are cool, they become boring when that's all you do, everyday, for 10 hours a week.

How I felt pre-audio booking...
Then, last April, I discovered...the audio book. What is an audio book you ask? Well, it's a recording of a book being read and it's awesome. Since I started listening to audio books, my driving mentality has become much more positive and enjoyable. I don't dread getting into my truck anymore. I look forward to finding out what will happen next in the story! I become smarter with each spoken word! It makes me feel more like this...

Now I know audio books can be expensive. New books on itunes can cost up to $40! Yikes! You can find audio books affordably though. Used bookstores have tons of them. I buy them for around $5 at my local, used bookstore. Itunes also has tons of books for $5.95. I bought The Kitchen House, The Great Gatsby, and Still Alice for $5.95 each, and I recommend them all!

Are you convinced yet? Good. Now go listen to one and let me know if I should listen to it too.

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