Thursday, October 25, 2012

Apple Juice Cocktail

The roomie and I threw a tres classy Halloweener dinner party last Tuesday night and it went over flawlessly. From the tasty, homemade apps (all Danielle), to the crock-pot chili, to the apple pie, everything turned out delicous.

However, the most delicious thing (obviously) was the Apple Juice Cocktail I made for zee guests. Now, I'm not talking about Mott's Apple Juice Cocktail blend that you buy at the grocery store and give to the kiddies at the playground. I'm talking about boozy, brandy, apple-juicy goodness for us grownups. I found the recipe via Camille Styles and it IS my new favorite. It's actually called an Apple Orchard Cocktail, but I prefer to call it an Apple Juice Cocktail because I'm kitschy like that.

Apple Juice Cocktail
makes 1 serving

2 ounces unfiltered, apple juice
1 ounce apple brandy, like Calvedos
1 ounce gingerale

Fill a glass with ice. Add juice, brandy and gingerale and stir well. Garnish with an apple slice. Enjoy!

***Note: Calvedos (apple brandy) is super expensive and only sold in a 1/2 pint at my liquor store, so I bought one 1/2 pint of Calvedos to make the first couple cocktails, then switched to Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. The Calvedos was a little better in my opinion, but you could hardly tell the difference. If you don't care about price, go for the Calvedos. If you're trying to make a more cost friendly cocktail, use spiced rum- it's just as delicious and half the price!***

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