Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Link Love

Happy weekend! This Saturday, I'm attending my first halloween party of the season! I'll be eating plenty of food, seeing many friends and partaking in my first couples costume (wait until you see what it is!). I'm hoping to lounge around on Sunday, maybe bake a tasty apple pie like this one. Hope you have a fun weekend too!

A catchy song for your weekend (thanks Krista)!

A super easy, must try, DIY.

#1 buyer's remorse...interesting. Beware!

A gorgeous French food blog.

Holiday display workshops by Anthropologie. I'm attending.

(If you haven't already seen it) Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween joke.

Men in fedoras.

Denver Zombie Crawl, this Saturday!

Breck Zombie Crawl (hosted by yours truly), this Thursday!

Lessons on layering.

Clark's fall shoe collection (notice all the socks!).

Photo via Travel and Leisure

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  1. My favorite was men in Fedoras. BAHAHA! Lessons on layering was good too though.....and I'm glad I have never bought the #1 buyers remorse item.