Monday, October 15, 2012

My Timbs

Every year for my birthday, my wonderful and amazing mother spoils me rotten. She treats me with tons of presents. From small things like hair accessories to big things like a gals trip to Vegas! This year was very special though, for this was the year my 49-year-old, white, suburban mother gave me my first pair of Timbs. Yes Timberlands. God bless her.

Guess what's in the blue box...
When I opened the (blue) box, I saw what first looked like Sperrys, but these were no Sperry Topsiders. They were pink and orange, color blocked, white-laced Timberlands (and may I add, so light in weight!). I'm not gonna lie, I was a bit skeptical at first in their practicality. I mean I live in Colorado for goodness sake, how often will I be sporting Timbs? How wrong I was though, how wrong I was...

Sporting my Timbs by the river...
Proof! Timberlands.
Sporting my Timbs at the grocery store (with a classy pair of chinos)
I wore them all summer long, from errands around town to walks through the wilderness. I truly, never thought I would ever own a pair of Timberlands, but you know what, I'm a believer now (Mom=1, Ashley=0). Be on the lookout this winter for thesethese or these babies on my footsies. Cute, practical, warm Colorado footwear. I dig it.

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