Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY: Frankenstorm Costume

Last night, as I was browsing the web...and twitter...and instagram for anything [hashtag]Sandy, I happened upon the Man Repeller's take on take on this Frankenstorm. If you haven't heard of the Man Repeller yet, stop. Go check out her fashion blog now. She posts the most original and witty content out there. She is awesome.

I digress. In honor of Superstorm Sandy, The Man Repeller dedicated her post yesterday to all the Sandys in time that have changed her life. Check it out. It's hilarious.

The Man Repeller's post got my creative, Halloween juices flowing, and made me think of all the different ways one could turn this natural disaster into a one-of-a-kind Halloween costume. A costume no one else has thought of yet? I doubt it...


1. Start with the classic, Frankenstein makeup on your face. Something that looks like this:

2. Glue 2 large Hurricane Sandy maps to 2 large poster boards each. The map posters will become the shirt to this costume, one poster as the shirt front and one as the shirt back. Use a map like this:

3. Adhere ribbon/string/rope to the top of the posters to create straps for your shoulders to hold up the posters. Something that looks like this (you are not making a pizza costume, but the straps are the same idea):

4. Moan all night long, twirl around in hurricane circles and scare children, animals and East Coasters alike.

P.S. I'm sorry I didn't actually make this DIY Frankenstorm costume so that I could give you real, step-by-step photos. I hope one of you is still in need of a Halloweener costume and this DIY tutorial has helped. Now make it! Take pictures! And send them to me!

P.P.S. This article about Superstorm Sandy made me laugh. And this meme made me giggle.

Disclosure: All references to the storm in this post are a joke. Please don't take them seriously. My heart goes out to all the people and families whose lives have been negatively affected. And big thanks to all the popo, reporters and sexy fireman risking their lives to help. 

Photo Cred: Frankenstein here. Map here. Pizza here

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