Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Link Love

Happy Friday! I'm headed down to Manitou Springs this weekend to see the fam. No plans really, except to catch up with the rents and eat some yummy food. Hopefully we'll eat some french onion soup from my favorite restaurant, La Baguette. Here are some links from the web this week that I love. Enjoy! xx

Amen! 15 pairs of comfortable heels, perfect for us mountain gals.

4 reasons Apple still makes ipods (I've been wondering this...)

Dressing made easy: 3 colour dressing

Would you stay in a hostel with your family? I would!

A cute halloween costume.

My favorite travel blog, The Everywhereist. It's awesome.

Have I mentioned I love flares?!

Entertaining in a 200 square foot apartment. 

Why the sky is dark at night.

My favorite spice girl, Victoria, circa '92.

Photo via tumblir


  1. La Baguette is my favorite tooooo!!!!

  2. You come down to C-springs too? Yes? Cool. Meet at La Baguette