Tuesday, October 2, 2012

DIY: Strappy Ankle Heels

Welcome to my DIY. Today's theme? Strappy Ankle Heels. My inspiration for this DIY came from seeing many of my favorite blogger babes sporting strappy anke heels all summer (here, here and here). I know we'll also being seeing many strappy ankle pumps this fall/winter (I need these and these), which shall perhaps lead me to my next DIY. Hmm. I digress.

I'm not gonna lie, this DIY wasn't that hard. In fact, it took all of about 2 minutes. However, despite the easiness of the DIY, the results were extremely effective and obviously life changing. Please observe.

I started with a pair of $3, thrifted, ugly semi-cute Anne Klein heels. Check 'em:

3 straps = not cute
On my feet...even worse

Then, I took a pair of scissors and........cut off a strap. Duh!

Ta Da! 

Yes that's a keg in the background. It's hard to take feet picts by yourself
Legs + Strappy Ankle Heels

Welp, that's my DIY for today. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you attempt it. I hope you take better pictures of the process than I did.

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