Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrifted Thursdays: Thrift Fails

I'm the kind of shopper that usually lets price dictate what I buy. I don't pay full price (what's that) and my first stop in a store is the sale section. This is probably one reason I love thrifting so much (hello, everything is on sale). However, this approach has often led to clothing purchases that never leave the hanger in my closet; clothes that never make it onto my toned and tan soft and pasty bod, not even once.

Today I would like to share with you these thrift fails. The clothes I thought at the time had so much potential, only to bring home and realize that I actually look like an 80-year-old grandmother wearing them (and not in that grandma chic kind of way). So enjoy my thrift fails, selfie style (again), because I am home alone and I think you like it better that way anyway...

100% silk shirt, thifted for $4. I thought I could look something like this. Instead I look like a heaping pile of ketchup.
Found the sweater for $2. Maybe it can save the ketchupy shirt and I could look something like this? Nope. Say hello to Ronald McDonald.
$5 thifted sweater. I thought this could come in handy for my business casjual job I would have. I'm still waiting...
Stole Thrifted this 1992 Liz Claiborne sweater from my mom. It had so many possibilities, but it falls weird at the hips. I still think it has potential, but I'm not smart enough to figure it out. Help?
$5 thrifted silk komono shirt. I actually have worn this. I think I like it. I think I'll wear it more often...

P.S. No face shots today. My face is grossing me out. Apparently that's kind of a theme lately...


  1. I'll take the first item - pink silk shirt for $5?

  2. It's more of a burnt orange, faded red color. Not good in real life.

  3. I think I can help with the chunky sweater...try skinny jeans or your black leather leggings and heels..jeans try your cute brown ones from Timberland?? I think...and heels...let me know what you think. BTW your blog is officially on my chrome bar favorites :)

    1. Thanks for this advice! I'll try these suggestions asap send you the results! And I'm very honored to be included in your favorites. #IWILLNOTLETYOUDOWN