Wednesday, January 23, 2013

DIY: Sparkly Champagne Flute

As I mentioned a while back, the roomie and I threw a classy New Year's Eve party at the Bank. The party went flawlessly and I believe it was all the little touches that brought it together. In particular, Danielle and I made sparkly champagne flutes, inspired by this Free People DIY, that added that extra, classy element. Our version of the DIY was a little different because we bought plastic champagne flutes to glitter up, rather than glass. Although I think I prefer the way the glitter turned out on Free People's flutes, ours were still cute and the clean-up was wayyyyyyy easier, which is always something I prefer. Check it.

To begin, you will need: Champagne flutes (glass or plastic- we bought our plastic ones at Target and spent $10 for 32), Elmer's Glue and Glitter.

Next, using your finger, rub the Elmer's glue on the champagne flute where you want the glitter to be. I just wanted my glitter on the bottom half, so I only put glue there. (I didn't take a picture of this step, sorry, you'll just have to imagine it). Then, pour the glitter over the glue. Do this over a plate so you can save the excess glitter. Shake it off, let dry and voila...a sparkly champagne flute!

(Note: I also sprayed Modge-Podge over the glasses to keep the glitter on, but I found this step a) unnecessary because some glitter fell off anyway and b) bad because it added a film to the glasses that made them look dirty. I stopped Modge-Podging midway through and those glasses turned out better.)

Classy and sexylicious: Our Sparkly Champagne Flutes and Danimal. Obv.

Just trying to keep it classy as usj. You're welcome.

Photos 1, 4 & 5 taken Fanci.Mandi. Damn she's good.


  1. You're so talented and crafty :). We had a grand old time that night bringing in the New Year!

  2. Even a simple hand made or DIY personalized champagne flutes can make your party more colorful and exciting. And for sure your friends and guest will appreciate your effort in designing your glassware.