Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Grey Beanies Are Cool

This just in. Grey beanies are cool (in case you hadn't noticed).

Living in a snowy, mountain town, I am no stranger to the beanie (we've already discussed how to wear beanies the cool way). I wear one almost daily, but to me it's more of a necessity than fashion statement. My beanies are typically very colorful and are never coordinated with my outfit. They are just there, on the top of my head, with no rhyme or reason except to keep my head warm. Most of the time I just look like one, big, colorful mess.

This must change. All over the interweb, hot chicks everywhere are sporting chic, grey beanies. They look cute as an outerwear statement or sans coat as an outfit accessory. I must join in. I shall be a hot, grey beanie chick too. As of now, this, this and this are all in the running to dawn my tete. I shall outfit post as soon as the decision has been made. In the meantime though, check out my grey beanie inspiration. All babes, all grey, all the time.

Sincerely Jules looking babe-a-licious in her grey beanie

Grey beanie babes from Pinterest

Mega babe Rumi Neely sporting a chic, grey beanie

P.S. An amazing 1994 Vogue editorial featuring Claudia Schiffer, cropped sweaters and A-line skirts. I love.

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