Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 10 Selfies of 2012

I have a confession to make. I take selfies. I take them a lot, like, every day. I mostly take them in my car at stoplights just to make sure I look good. Though I also take them while I'm doing excellent activities by myself, like hiking or running. Sometimes I take a smiling selfie. Sometimes I take a blank-faced selfie. Mostly though, I try to take sexy, pouty, smiling-with-your-eyes, model selfies.

I know. It's embarrassing. But I have to tell you the truth because we are friends and friends don't lie. You might think the most embarrassing part of taking selfies is getting caught taking a selfie, like myself at stoplights. Well, that part can be embarrassing, but the most embarrassing part is when you let a friend browse your phone picts and she find them. She is scrolling to the left, checking out all your awesome, past picts and arrives and 10 photos of you doing your dumb, smiling-with-no-teeth face. #Embarrassing.

Why am I bringing this up you ask? Because as I was browsing through my picts today, trying to come up with awesome blog inspiration, I kepy getting sidetracked by all my selfies, and all those selfies made me wonder if you take selfies too. Do you? I bet so. I hope so....

So, in honor of 2013 and not telling lies and being friends, please enjoy my Top Ten Selfies of 2012:

1. The "I'm hiking and it's fall and I love all the beautiful colors" Selfie

2. The "I just woke up and am spooning with my dog" Selfie

3. The "Smiling with no teeth because that's what all the cool bloggers do" Selfie

4. The "I just pulled over on the drive from Manitou to Breckenridge because I liked the light and think I'm a model" Selfie

5. The "If I had bangs..." Selfie

6. The "I'm in Moab and it's fun!" Selfie

7. The "I'm having a good hair day, so I'll take a silly..." Selfie

8. The "Duck face" Seflie

9. The "In my car at a stoplight" Selfie

10. The "This is my hipster and favorite selfie" Selfie

I hope you all enjoyed these. I hope you know I really put it all on the line with these. Now share your selfies. 


  1. Seriously.....amazing post. This is my favorite and I think it just jumped Grandma Cole. I can't stop reading it. I have to say, I don't know if I have ever snapped even one selfie, but I'm super inspired and think I'll start today...

    1. I am excited that you are inspired to try a "selfie." Please share when you do....

  2. Selfies are fun. My favorite time to take a selfie is when I'm bored, I just take a selfie and voila, not bored anymore.

    1. I agree. Selfies are legit. Especially when you are alone and bored. Plus instagramming selfies adds more time to taking a selfie, just make sure to delete it when you're done so you don't embarrass yourselfie.