Monday, January 14, 2013


You guys, I need your help.

Christmas of 2011 (yes, two Christmases ago) my wonderful mother gave me the cutest pair of Sorel boots ever, per my request. Unfortunately, I told her to get the wrong size (although Sorel runs big, don't size down, they will be too small). So I called Sorel to exchange them and unfortunately (again) they were out of my size...blast! So they sent me a gift card for the cost of the boots, $150. Over a year later, I am still sitting on this gift card. Truthfully, I'm still not in love with any of Sorel's current options, but I must use the card up this season or it's value will decrease.

Optimally, I want a pair of tall, brown, waterproof, leather boots. If my gift card was for anywhere I would pick these amazing and practical Clarks. However, my gift card is to Sorel, so I must choose from them.

Below are the three boots I am considering. The first pair is probably my favorite of the three, but I'm pretty split between all of them, they all have positives and negatives. So I need YOUR help! If there's ever been a post I need your opinion and input on, it's this one! I can't do this on my own. It's life or death by Sorel. Help me decide!

I like the Wicked Tall Workboots because they are tall and look nicer than typical, rubber snowboots. I also like the leather, but I'm undecided on how much I like the patchwork look of them.

I like the Slimpack Riding Boots because I like the "riding boot" look of them; however, I extremely dislike the rubber, duck toe on them. I'm also unsure about the difference in color between the toe and calf and the difference in material (rubber and leather).

I know the Chipahko Blanket Boots don't fit really match anything on my "wanted" list, but there is something about them that I like. They remind me of my beloved Uggs that I had to throw out last year. I like that they look comfy and casual, but I don't like that they are not waterproof.

What do you think? Thoughts? Suggestions? Opinions? Give it to me!


  1. OPTION 1!!!! Most def. I like Option 3 too, but I think you would be able to wear Option 1 the most. Option 3 is the type of boot you buy super excited and then wear once. Option 2 I hate, sorry bud. Choose wisely.

    1. Thanks for your input. It's valued. I actually ran into a chick with option #1 right after I wrote this post and they are super cute in real life. Going for it. Option one wins

  2. I gotta say option 2. How cute and different they are. And... you won't see anyone else wearing them very often. Only the 'tres chic'.

  3. Sorels. You guys, I need your help. Christmas of 2011 (yes, two Christmases ago) my wonderful mother gave me the cutest pair of Sorel boots ...