Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY: Copper Pipe Necklace

DIYs are fun. They are uniqie. They are creative. They get you compliments on your craftiness! However, they often take fo-re-ver to complete. Sometimes I start a DIY and never even finish it. For example, the half painted, empty frame that's been sitting in my room since August, whispering ever so gently every time I walk in there to "finish me Ashley, complete me...." It's creepy, I know.

Today's DIY is different though. Today we shall make a necklace; a two-material, industrial necklace that's sure to get you sexyliicous compliments with every wear. There is no glueing, painting or drying required. There is assembly only. Quick and easy assembly.

To start, you must first gather your materials. You'll need a necklace chain. Preferably find one with no charms, but if you can't, that's fine. As long as the charm is small (like the one on the chain I used), it will get covered up in step two.

Next, gather some copper pipe fittings. I used three for my necklace, but you could use however many your heart desires. I found them at my local hardware store for 30 cents each. Such a steal.

Then, string the necklace chain through the copper piping. It's easy, you can do it!

Finally you are done. Phew. That was hard. Now go reward all that hard work with a well deserved cocktail. Make sure to wear your new necklace while drinking said cocktail. Let the fruits of your labor be known.


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