Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Link Love

Happy February! I hope everyone made it through the week okay. I know I did! I got my first powder day in of the season here in Breck yesterday and boy oh boy was it good. My legs were jelly afterwards, but it was totally worth it. No big plans for the rest of the weekend. Probably skiing and relaxing until the Super Bowl on Sunday. I hope you have a fun weekend too and check out these links I love from the web this week! xx

Mountains [in waves].

Mode [black and white, laid-back chic].

Rules about #selfies. Well, I've broken just about every single one with my #selfies...

This made me laugh. So did this.

Another reason why cats are actually evil (in my opinion).

I need a white blazer and leather pants stat so I can look like this!

These recreations are amazing!

Judgmental Denver Map. Hilarious and so true!

Woah, a transparent house. Would you stay there?

Valentine's Day conversation cookies. Yum.

Good trick to know.

Will wear my hair this way, this week.

15 thing only a jerk would do (thanks Mandi!).

P.S. Are you on the new Vine app yet? It's a super cool app that allows you to create sweet 6-second videos. Download it and follow me @mountainsandmode. You won't regret it.

Image via @mountainsandmode Instagram

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