Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifted Thursdays: The Copper Wine Glasses

Wine is wonderful. So it's only fitting that such a wonderful beverage is served in a wonderful glass. To me, the glassware often makes the drink. Beer in a pint glass=okay. Wine in a pint glass=bad. Wine glasses are classic, sleek and sexy (which is how I am also, often described). Drinking wine in a wine glass instantly sets a classier, more sophisticated mood and that is something I love. 

So, when I was browsing For Pet's Sake (obviously) a couple of months ago and found the most unique, copper wine glasses ever, I knew they had to be mine. My Grandma Patty had a similar set that I always pined over was I was younger, and these were their sisters, sitting in a pair, at my local thrift store! Fate.

So I bought them. $1 each. And oh how I've used them. Probably 100 times. That's like one penny per use. I am so economical. 

Yes I only drink wine while standing on my deck with the snow-capped
mountains in the background. Duh.

Gorgeous, smexy, sleek and unique


  1. Hi there--I was at my local thrift shop today, too, and found these same copper glasses, only mine were $2.99 each (expensive in my world of thrifting ;), and I was lucky enough to score 4 of them! I almost passed them by, as I have a certain obsession with glassware and know I have enough, but I had to have these. The blue that comes through on the inside is mesmerizing! Do you know if these are vintage? (You mentioned your grandma had some like these?) I'd love to get some more, but I've never seen them before!


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    2. You found 4? Score! I just recently broke one of mine, so my set of two is now down to one :( My grandma bought her's at Pier One, probably 10 or 15 years ago. I've checked their website recently and haven't seen anything like ours. Bummer. If you ever find anything similar, let me know! And treasure those glasses, don't be a clumsy wino like me ;)

  2. Ashley--LOL! As I mentioned, I'm somewhat of a glass hoarder, so I buy a lot of them whenever and wherever I find them cheap enough (and have those few extra dollars in my wallet...) I found some fantastic vintage etched champagne glasses (the short, wide ones, not the flutes) that were probably from the 50s/60s. They made it all the way to 2012, but on Christmas Eve, I broke not one of them, but TWO!! The only saving grace is they were only 99 cents each...still, it hurts even more, since they're not making those anymore...

    As for the copper wine glasses, I think I'll wash them and give them some use...if I decide to get rid of them to make room for new ones, I'll pass them on to you! They're so cool!