Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Link Love

Cheers to the weekend! I'll be spending most of my time off on my new K2 MissConduct skis! Woop woop. I'm excited. Sunday, the bf and I are preparing a Patriots playoff game feast in the Crock-Pot because you know how much I love Crock-Pots. I want to make this recipe, but Wes wants to make this recipe. Which will we choose? You'll have to wait and see :-) Monday is a work day for me (tear, I know), but I hope you all have a splendid three days off and here are some links to start your weekend right!

[colorful] Mountains.

[affordable] Mode.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect boyfriend jeans. Maybe one of these will work...

Running dog.

These Sperry Top-Sider for J. Crew are good.

These iron-ons have so many DIY possibilities.

The color of the year. More here and here.

Cocktails to try this winter.

Vintage Curls Hair Tutorial.

14 words with no English equivalent (my favorite is layogenic).

Recipes for a Downton Abby party.

Vmac and Cheese at the 2003 Emmys. Excellent.

Cold-Weather workouts are good for you! Duh.

P.S. Shout out to MLK. Thanks for the three-day-weekend and contributions to racial equality and stuff...

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