Monday, January 21, 2013

Winter Hiking: Barney Ford Trail

 Living in a ski town, I am spoiled by my surroundings. If the weather conditions aren't exactly to my liking, I often turn my nose at the outdoors. No snow? No ski for me. No sun? Nothing sounds fun. However, even on the coldest days, in the crappiest conditions, I ALWAYS feel better when I'm being active. Thus, I've made a vow to do something outside every day for the rest of the winter. Whether I ski, hike or just walk the dog to the park, I will get myself outside.

This brings me to the glorious hike the bf and I went on last week. We laced up our snow boots and hiked on one of the packed trails behind Wes's house; no snowshoes or skins required. The weather was gorgeous, the views spectacular and oh how much fun the dog had. We hiked from Barney Ford trail to Sally Barber trail and into French Gulch and I highly recommend it (especially if you don't have the gear to cross-country ski or skin). It took us about an hour-and-a-half, roundtrip and was worth every second.


Zig and those eyes...

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