Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Lucky Brand Cords

I don't know how to put this, but I was kind of a big deal in high school. People knew me. And you know what my sexylicious, signature clothing item was, specifically from 1999-2003? My Lucky Brand jeans. The jeans of my youth. The only jeans of my youth. I remember it now, me innocently prancing around in my extra low rise, flared Luckys with two personally added slits to the bottom, outside seam of each leg. You know what I'm talking about. Those were the days. The days when any time I got birthday or Christmas money, I would run, not walk, a fresh hundo in hand, straight to The Buckle (obvi, the Disnelyland of Lucky Brand jeans) where I would try on jeans for hours, checkin' out my small and tight 15-year-old booty. Those were the days. When $100 got you the hottest jeans around.

Well today, I am here to tell you that Lucky is back! It is still cool! It is still hot! It is only $7 at Breck Thrift and Treasure. What! What!

I found these Lucky Corduroy Pants last week and knew it was time to bring back my high school glory days. I tried them on and when they fit perfectly, it was practically a message from God telling me it was my duty to bring them back. They are extremely comfortable and soft, as corduroy often is; a bit stretchy, so they move and bend with my booty; and a perfect shade of hunter green that works as an unexpected neutral. The only problem with these Lucky Cords? They are definitely a winter pant. I was bummed because I thought I wouldn't get to wear them until next year. Wrong! God said you must wear them now, and then it snowed, like, 20 inches in Breck. Why?! At least I got to wear my thrifted Lucky Cords....

Sweater: Target
Pants: Lucky Brand Cords (similar color)
Belt: Target
Boots: Sorel
Scarf: Target

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