Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiking: Section 16

Well, I've been officially living in Manitou Springs for the last five days, and out of those five days, I have hiked Section 16 three times. Obsessed? Probably, but you know me, once I find a hike I like, I just can't quit. #CantStopWontStop.

My new favorite hike is a portion of the Palmer Trail called Section 16. I love this trail because it is a) extremely convenient for me to hike to, as the trailhead is less than 3/4 miles from my house; b) lengthy enough that I can justify my burned calories with a donut--or three; and c) steep enough that I actually lose my breath and feel sweaty and gloriously detoxified by the top. The only thing this hike is missing is a water feature for my pup, but if you're okay with making do with a stream, this hike might become you're new obsession too.

Start the hike at the Intenmann Trailhead. You will cross a bridge to begin your adventure.
Enjoy breathtaking views of the Colorado Jungle, where the creek flows like wine into a waterfall
Puppies enjoy cooling baths in the creek. *Note this is the only water on the whole hike, so hydrate those pups.
Take a picture with your bf. You won't regret it! But he might...
After hiking approx. three miles, you will reach the top of Section 16. Breathtaking!
Hike it with your cousin and mom. It's always a good idea.
Or just hike it with your mom. Best duo fas sho.

***My hiking route: From my house, walk approximately .5 miles to the Intemann trailhead at the end of Crystal Park Road. At this trailhead, you will cross over a stream on a bridge, leading you to the beginning of Intemann Trail. Hike approximately 1.75 miles to where the Intemann Trail and Palmer Trail intersect. Turn right at this intersection and the trail will begin to incline gradually for the next .8 miles, with the last .2 miles being extremely steep and awesome. From the intersection to the top is called Section 16, the most badass, booty-blasting hike in all of C-Springs. Enjoy the views from the top, turn around and hike your booty back to my house for a well-deserved cocktail and donut. Duh.

P.S. Another good recap of Section 16


  1. sounds fun, you'll have to show me sometime!

  2. NICE! Did Ziggy move to Manitou with you too!?! Also.....Auntie Daminal.....Denver this weekend: BE THERE.

    1. Danimal* I'm just a fast typer, I mess up sometimes...