Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: The Military Jacket

I have been on the search for a military jacket for months. I love how they instantly make any outfit a but more edgy/boho and can be paired as an unexpected neutral. So what's stopped me from buying this affordable Topshop version or this classic J. Crew version? The money baby, the money. Because I am extremely cheap thrifty I have been waiting for the perfect military jacket so go on sale or find itself into one of my beloved thrift stores, and oh, how it was worth the wait.

Last Friday, as I was browsing my tried and true Breck Thrift and Treasure, I stumbled upon the cutest, warmest, mountains-iest military jacket I have ever seen! Most military jackets are light jackets meant for the in-between, Spring and Fall seasons. My thrifted military jacket has a removable, faux-sheepskin layer that keeps you warm through even the coldest, mountains days. Not only is it warm, but it's also vintage J. Crew. Brown chicken, brown cow. For $10 it was mine and I love it like I [think I will] love my first born child. Oh the power of thrifting.

P.S. 12 ways to wear a military jacket. {way cuter than the outfit I wore. Loving J's striped look and white jeans look!}

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