Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Link Love

Happy weekend friends. Things have been crazy for me lately and lots of changes are happening. I can't wait to fill you all in soon! This weekend, I am headed down to Manitou Springs to celebrate my dad's birthday and Mother's Day. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous, so we're planning on taking a couple of bike rides and enjoying a patio somewhere. I hope you have a special weekend too with your loved ones and enjoy these (few) links from the week.

Mountains [now that's a bedroom view].

Mode [the greatest fashion accessory].

A meme for your early twenties vs. late twenties. Made me lol.

How to be the best bridesmaid ever (Carole).

More ways to be awesome at Instagram

Smallest cool homes contest. I like Jenny and Sarah's the best.

I like these Mother's Day gift ideas.

1 striped shirt, 3 different ways (I like option 2 best).

Would you book a one way trip to Mars?

How to pack (and fit) everything in your duffel bag.

I want these Rag and Bone pants soooo much. Also these Current/Elliot.

Make this for your momma this Mother's Day!

P.S. 5 Mother's Day gift ideas courtesy of moi!

Image unknown via Pinterest


  1. That early twenties, late twenties thing was HILARIOUS. Especially since we are right in the middle, actually teetering to the start of late 20s :( :(