Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Link Love

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends! I hope everyone has some fun plans to kick off this summer! I will be moving down to Colorado Springs for my new job! That's right, new job. That's why life has been so crazy lately. My first day will be Tuesday, and before then I must pack and unpack my life and find a car. Only three days to do it. Wish me luck! I hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend! Enjoy these (few) fun links from the week. xx

Mountains [hiking around my new home!]

Mode [Erin Wasson is perfect]

Picking a blogging platform.

Ham and cheese ice cream is real.

How to throw a weekend soiree.

I have never thought of running to work.

The anti-theft lunch bag.

These parenting styles made me lol.

Most popular baby names by state (I am going on the record to say that the most popular girls names are a result of this Friends episode. Agree?

Cannes red carpets are the best.

The best tasting energy bar (according to a top chef).



  1. Most popular baby names by state isn't working!! I know you are busy though, its ok. I just hope Jack isn't one of them because that's my favorite name. On another note, parenting styles was HILAR.

    1. Jack is my favorite baby boy name too! Link fixed.

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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