Sunday, May 5, 2013

Isabel Marant's Perfect Summer Sandal

Welp, she finally did it. Isabel Marant has won me over. Everyone has been obsessing over her [wedge sneakers] for months, (sorry, I just couldn't give into that trend) but I have finally joined the club. I am majorily and obsessively lusting after her Carol Studded Leather Sandals. O. M. G. They are good.

They are perfect. They have just the right low, blocky heel for this mountain girl to wear comfortably every day. They are just the right shade of cognac to be a neutral and go with anything and everything in my closet. They have just the right amount of embelishment to keep them interesting and add detail to all my outfits. And they are just strappy enough to be sexy and classy all at the same time. I want them. I need them. Oh baby, oh baby.

You know what I don't love though? A $1,035 price tag. That is just silly. Honestly, Isabel, quit playing hard to get. Thus, the search continues for the perfect look-alike. So far I haven't been that successful at finding any looks for less.

These Mango versions are the closest to the Isabel Marant originals, but the heel height looks a little too high for me to be able to wear all day, every day.

These Zara versions have the same strappy-ness and blocky heel going on, but they are missing the studs, cognac color and the extra straps.

These Topshop versions have the same blocky heal, but the embellishment is missing. And the most obvious difference is the two-toned leather, which I like, but it's just not the same.

Have you seen any lsabel Marant Carol Sandal looks for less? Tell me! Aid me in my search. I want them now.

P.S. Shea and Rumi looking flawless in their Isabel Marant Carol sandals. I want to be them. Or maybe just want to be their feet...

P.P.S. How cute and comfy are these affordable two-toned leather, wedge sandals?!


  1. Nice post :=) I'm definitely a fan of the isabel marant. It's a fun update on a casual shoe!


    They had some good ideas. I have been looking for the perfect look-alikes as well!

    1. Thanks for the link! Those Jeffrey Campbell's are actually super similar and cute! They might have to become mine...

  3. Have you seen the Jeffrey Campbell Lakota sandals? They are very similar, although with a higher heel!

    1. I just saw them! They are similar AND affordable. Thanks for the suggestion!