Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thrifted Thursday: Wearing Monochromatic

Today's Thrifted Thursday is all about grey, head to toe ankle. Although monochromatic can sometimes be boring, I tried to keep it interesting with diffent textures and varying shades. I thrifted the {mens} J. Crew pullover from Breck Thrift and Treasure for a whopping $4. I like that it's a) soft, b) stretchy, c) feels like pajamas and d) is over-sized (so I can eat as much as I want and no one call tell, you know what I'm talking about). The necklace was a thrift find at the Funky Trunk and it's basically the most perfect necklace ever. It reminds me of an awesome BaubleBar necklace, but not, because I only payed $12 and it didn't have to get shipped to me. The jeans are not thrifted, but for $50 from the Levi's outlet, they may as well have been. And you noticed? The boots are neither grey, nor thrifted. What can I say. Sometimes I like to make my own rules and them break them.

Pullover: Thrifted J. Crew Factory Men
Pants: Levi's
Boots: Bass Outlet

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