Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY: Mandi's Jean Vest

Today is a special day. Today is a day I feature the DIY of another, and not of my mother or brother. A DIY by Mandi. Fanci.Mandi. Check it.

A couple of weekends ago, when I was down in Denver, my best friend Mandi came out of her room wearing the cutest, trendiest, best-fitting jean vest everrr. It was perfect, and I wanted it (obvi). So I asked her where she bought it, and she explained that buying things is for wimps and that she made it herself (bc she is a gangster). She told me that she had had this jean jacket forever and that it was slightly too cropped for her liking, so she snipped the sleeves, and voila, the perfect jean vest! Damn, she is fanci, that Mandi...