Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Middle Part

Do you notice hair trends? I do. I feel like last year was the year of the bang (as seen here and here). This year, it seems to be all about the middle part, and I want it.

You would think that because hair is so easily transformed, it would be easy for me to just hop on the hair bandwagon of my dreams; however, my genetics hate me and I was born with a cowlick [damn shit] that constantly prevents me from wearing the trendy hairstyles I desire, like the middle part! I present exhibit A and B:

A: Super gross.
B: Close up. That's a spicy meatball.
So what's a girl to do when she wants to wear the trendiest hairstyles but has a cowlick? She makes the best of it. She settles on an off-center, "middle part" and then secures it down with bobby pins...

An off-center, "middle" part. P.S. Smirking is not attractive ...


  1. are you suggesting that i will look like miranda kerr if i part my hair down the middle? done!