Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Winter Hiking: Baker's Tank Trail

Remember how I made a vow to get myself outside every day? Welllll, it honestly hasn't happened. Sometimes I'm too busy or tired or (insert some lame reason). However, like I said last time, I always feel better when I'm breathing that fresh mountain air; so today, I would like to share with you another fantastical winter hike the pup and I did.

The day was (last) Sunday, the weather was sunny, the temperature was balmy (35 degrees) and the booty was burning. Zig and I did the Baker's Tank trail in Breck and it may be a new favorite winter hike/summer trail run. Starting at the trailhead, we hiked steadily uphill for the first three miles. Once we got to our destination, Baker's Tank, you loop back to the trailhead on Boreas Pass Road (which in the fall is the most gorgeous place on earth). Although most peeps (everyone) on the trail were either snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, there was no need. The trail was completely packed down and easy to walk on. We finished the 5.5 miler in under two hours and both got the Vitamin D we needed to put a refreshing smile on our face. Baker's Tank Trail. Do it.

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