Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thrifted Thursdays: Valentine's Day

Happy V-Day lovers. Today is about telling those you love how much you love them. So here it is, I love you. I love you like a fat kid loves cake. I love you like peanut butter loves jelly. I love you like a back-alley hooker loves crack. I love you all a lot. 

That being said, welcome to Thifted Thursdays, Valentine's Day edition. It's pink and red and sweet all over. I hope you like it. The skirt is the main attraction. Bought it for $4 at Summit Thrift and Treasure the day I hit the motherload and I love it. It's preppy meets Clueless meets a four-year-old toddler. Although the top (which is a turtleneck) isn't thrifted, it might as well be. I've had it since Christmas '98, fo real. Finally, the boots. Yes they're my Monica Geller boots. Yes I love them. And oh ya, the coat. Thrifted for $30 at the consignment boutique Funky Trunk. Brown chicken, brown cow.

Turtleneck: Old Polo, love this fair isle version
Skirt: Thrifted J. Crew, cute black and white version
Boots: Old, similar
Coat: Thrifted Martin & Osa, Similar


  1. it looks like you live in a winter wonderland. i enjoyed the clueless reference