Wednesday, June 12, 2013

City on Fire

I have been living in Colorado Springs for less than a month and my city is burning.

Yesterday, at approximately 1pm, a fire started in a small Colorado Springs suburb called Black Forest. I first saw the smoke while driving at 2pm. At 3pm I went to a meeting and by the time it ended at 4pm, the smoke plume was over 50 miles long and homes had burned. By the end of last night, the smoke plume had grown to over 100 miles, and this morning I woke up to news that over 8,000 acres had burned and 70 to 80 homes were destroyed. Today, I can no longer see the mountains and the air wreaks both outside and inside of smoke. This fire is still zero percent contained.

WTF. What is our world coming to these days? Tornadoes, hurricanes and fires, oh my.

P.S. Ways to help here. I'm texting cash to Care and Share.


  1. I've been through something very similar, and even with no allergies and asthma issues, I found that breathing in all that smoke was very uncomfortable. Take care!


    1. Thank you for the well wishes. The fire is out. I hope it doesn't happen again soon.