Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thrifty Thursday: The Camelbak

Thrifty Thursday is back for round two! You're excited? I thought you might be.

It seems lately that this blog has been all mode and no mountains. Well that's about to change. For today's Thrifty Thursday, I present to you, the Camelbak.
I got this little baby for the thriftiest price of all, free! Brown chicken, brown cow. The bf, king of "finding things," picked this up when someone left it at his work. Stealing? No, He waited a full month before claiming it his mine and now I am the proud owner of a pink-a-licious, 1.5L Camelbak. I'm fairly certain my thrifty Camelbak is an older version of this one, which retails for $38. That's a $38 dollar savings pour moi. Aren't I the thriftiest? What thrifty purchases have you made lately?

Somebody discovered the self timer app...
But not before taking this selfie...
Self timers rule! P.S. Running skirts are legit. Get one now.

Top: Merrell
Running Skirt: Patagonia
Hydration Pack: Camelbak


  1. The BF would steal a pink Camelback

  2. what a stel... beautiful tan selfies!

    1. Thank you Uncle Daniel *I mean Danielle

  3. Yep - you look super tan. These selfies are legit. I just bought 5 tennis skirts.

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