Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Link Love

Cheers to the weekend! I hope everyone has something fun planned. The weather is supposed to be gorgeous (following the foot of snow we got on Tuesday- Colorado is weird), so I'm planning on spending as much time outside as possible. Maybe I'll be able to re-establish my disappearing beach tan. Maybe. In the meantime, enjoy these fun links from the week! xx

Mountains [Yosemite National Park hikes- dedicated to Danimal's vaca there tomorrow!].

Mode [Nanashuka Spring 2013].

How to pin like a pro.

Big cats like boxes too.

^^^And that made me think of one of my favs, Christian the lion.

The FCC supports the F-word.

I'm so obsessed with this wrap skirt. I want it, I want it, I want it!

The best dad ever.

I will definitely make family dinners mandatory one day.

The road to success is often easy messy.

A Bill Murray story nobody will believe.

Remember that Dove Beauty Sketch from last week? Men's version. One point for the dudes.

I love this DIY for upgraded entertaining.

A Cinco de Mango menu. I like it.

Jimmy Kimmel interviews hipsters at Coachella. Hilarious.

I am in love with these sandals! And for only $42? Sold.

Image via everyday Occasions

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