Monday, April 22, 2013

6 Reasons To Love St. Thomas

Well I've been back for a week now and I must say, returning to snow from sand has not been my favorite. To keep from feeling sorry for myself, I have resorted to obsessing looking at my trip photos on repeat. It's becoming a problem, especially because I took, like, a bajillion photos. In order to organize my picts and prove to you why St. Thomas is the most legit island around, I have composed a list of my six favorite things about our little beach getaway. Enjoy.

1. Our sweet vacation home: I took this vacation with the bf and his parents. The house we stayed at belongs to a friend of the bf's parents. It was honestly the coolest place I have ever stayed, with over 180 degree views of the ocean and outdoor bathrooms. (#DoingBusinessOutsideIsFunWhenYouHaveAnOceanView). If you ever make it to St. Thomas, this friend rents out his house, and I highly recommend it. It takes gorgeous views to a whole new level.

Where I performed business daily. It was a pleasure. (There is also a shower, I took this pic standing in it).
2. Lounging is legit: Our daily routine while in St. Thomas usually consisted of morning coffee on the deck. The mornings were especially pleasant because the ocean gives off a cool breeze. After coffee, because we were obvi so stressed and tired, we would lounge by the pool and read for a few hours. It was marvelous.

3. White, sandy beaches and aquamarine water: After we were sufficiently read and rested, we would make our way to the beach. There were two, small, beaches within walking distance of our house, located in Magen's Bay, next to the public beach. These two beaches also happened to be clothing optional, and we may or may not have witnessed two, nude photo shoots.

4. Peterborg Peninsula: At the recommendation of a St. Thomas local, we also explored the peninsula on Peterborg. It was extremely rocky and hard to walk to, but incredibly worth it to see the aquamarine water crash around the rocks surrounding us. I kind of felt like Ariell in that one scene of "The Little Mermaid..."

5. Sailing and snorkeling in St. John: Perhaps my favorite day of the whole vacation, we chartered a sailboat called Daysail Fantasy and went snorkeling on St. John. I have never been sailing before, so that in itself was truly special. The snorkeling took it to a whole new level. St. John is 75% National Park, meaning the island of St. John is much more untouched than St. Thomas. I saw ton of fish including clown fish, rainbow fish, turtles, a shark and an eel! Snorkeling is def my new favorite sport (yes sport, I take it's athleticism to a whole new level- you should have seen my flips).


6. Exploring: On the days when we could take no more sun (meaning me and the sun rash that covered my body), we explored the island in our badass Jeep. FYI, you drive on the left side of the road in St. Thomas; however, the steering wheel is still on the left side. It's very confusing. The roads are also extremely hilly with hair-pin turns and extremely narrow lanes. Not gonna lie, the driving was scary. But having the jeep was great and we were able to explore the whole island. We hiked 99 steps to Blackbeard's castle; we saw the biggest catamaran in the world; we explored the entire island; and everything was unforgettable.

Our trip to St. Thomas was so wonderful and just the relaxation and sunshine I needed. I highly recommend this island to anyone. If you have a trip planned there and have any more questions about where we stayed or what we did, please ask! I love sharing. 

P.S. In case you missed it- an outfit post, direct from St. Thomas. 

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